Thursday, January 17, 2013

we're Mustacher's from Way Back!

The hot mess in the photo with me is my uncle Rick (top 5 of my fav people ever) and yes that is his real mustache ever since I was little I can remember him having a stark black twisty mustache like the monopoly man only recently when I went to visit him and my dad did I realize that his mustache had made the transition to grey before his hair had a chance to know what was going down. it wasn't like a really popular thing to have a stache' my uncle started growing his when he was in Germany in the army as a whipper snapper (his words) so I think we should give major credit were credit is due, he does after all have the coolest stache out there.

         This guy right here, Is my hero he is also my Dad and as you can tell by now the Stache' thing runs pretty heavily in our family just like my Uncle my dad used to have a black stache up until recently when it decided to follow in its brothers footsteps and give up on producing color. I think there mustache's are depressed or something because there hair is still black? maybe I will rally with my cousins and throw there mustaches a party :) that should lift there little stache spirit. I guess it could be a possibility that having ME for a daughter might have not helped in keeping the stache up to par on contrast but I dont want to blame myself, I am sure my mother (his ex) had something to do with it as well. This blog is called Hey Freddie because when I was a baby I had long long fingernails and used to run them down the side of my crib to get his attention, he started calling me freddie (like krueger) and never really stopped my whole life every time I call him the first thing I hear is an upbeat and loving "Hey Freddie" sometimes that simple Hey freddie changes my mood from almost tears to a smile just knowing he is there. I love him dearly for molding me into the person I am, fun loving and carefree he taught me to love life no matter how bad it can get. One of my favorite things about him is that he will go out of his way to make other people smile, even if he just comes off as weird to strangers I have often had this experience in life other people not understanding me, it seems so hard to believe to some that there are people in world who are just genuinely happy and want to see others happy as well. I am very proud to be a hippy like my dad I wouldnt want to be one of the stuck up people on this planet, or the ones who worry themselves sick and cant enjoy this crazy ride, I want to live to the fullest love the hardest, feel every blow that comes my way because happiness feels so much more relieving when you have experienced extreme sadness understanding this keeps me from going crazy.
so here's to Hey Freddie! and my Dad for being the best Father a girl could have asked for.

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